Ambulance Remounts by

Southern Emergency Consultants

Ambulance remounts are one of the best ways for emergency professionals to upgrade their ambulance/rescue fleets. Rather than overspending on an entirely new vehicle that takes months to deliver, ambulance remounting allows Fire Chiefs and EMS directors to receive like-new ambulances in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost. Southern Emergency Consultants offers ambulance remounting services needed to save time, money, and their vehicles. Contact us to get started today!

Benefits of Ambulance Remounts by SEC

  • Time Savings: Buying a new ambulance means waiting 6 – 9 months for your new emergency vehicle to arrive. By contrast, SEC’s ambulance remounting services significantly reduces this waiting period, delivering upgraded emergency vehicles in 45 – 90 days after receipt of your chassis!
  • Cost Savings: Purchasing a new ambulance can set your team back thousands of dollars for just one vehicle. By choosing ambulance remounting with SEC, you’ll reduce the cost of each upgraded vehicle by up to 40%.
  • Vehicle Savings: Instead of replacing your current fleet in its entirety, ambulance remounting allows you to salvage your modular body and reuse it for years to come. Current ambulance manufacturers build vehicles with the intent to be remounted at least 3 – 5 times throughout their lifetime.

Ambulance Remounts in the Southeastern U.S.

When the chassis wears out on an ambulance/rescue vehicle, EMS directors and Fire Chiefs shouldn’t be forced to overspend on a new vehicle purchase. Ambulance remounts offer a cost-effective, time-sensitive solution for emergency professionals to upgrade their fleets. Today’s ambulances are designed to withstand between 3 – 5 remounts during their lifetime, allowing teams to save money, time, and their vehicles.

SEC’s factory-trained technicians understand the unique needs of ambulance remounts. Our team provides exceptional remounting services that keep vehicles compliant with current regulations set forth by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services Ground Vehicle Standards (CAAS GSV 2.0); the National Fire Protection Association Ground Vehicle Standards (NFPA 1917); and the General Services Administration (GSA-KKK-1922F). Start saving time, money, and your vehicles by choosing ambulance remounting services with SEC!


Contact SEC for Your Ambulance Remount Needs!

When your emergency fleet becomes outdated, don’t fall into the trap of overspending on your ambulance upgrades. Restore your current vehicles back to like-new status by selecting ambulance remounting services with the team at SEC. Our factory-trained technicians will expertly remove the current ambulance box from its worn-out chassis and remount it to a new chassis for a completely upgraded ambulance. Contact us to get started with your ambulance remounting service in Alabama today.